Cameron, captivated by the camera.

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I was born and raised in Southern California into a family that loves the arts.  Naturally that resulted in me participating in the arts in my youth and going on to study music and theater in college.  I spent three years at Citrus College as a part of the Citrus Singer program, a program in which I was able to travel and perform in places like Hawaii, New York City, and Scandinavia.  While part of the group I was able to serve in numerous leadership positions including the tenor section leader, vehicle coordinator, and the choir's bell director.  I'll be forever grateful for the opportunities and friendships that came as a result of the Citrus Singer program, including and especially the development of my abilities so that I was able to go and get professional work as a performer in local Southern California theaters.

Through performing I came to better realize my passion for storytelling and as my three years as a Citrus Singer came to a close I decided to continue my education by studying film.  Luckily in my time as a Citrus Singer I had also began to work as a videographer alongside my brother Jason, a highly successful wedding photographer, (www.JasonLanier.com).  My abilities behind the camera grew greatly during my Citrus Singer years and as I was preparing to apply for film schools Jason lent me a camera with which I shot the short film that ultimately got me accepted into film school, Trickle, Trickle.

I was elated when I was accepted to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.  In my first semester at Art Center I was presented with an opportunity to create educational videos for children for an online charter school, and I split my time between my studies and the creation of this video series.  I helped script, direct, edit and acted in some of the videos that ultimately lead to the formation of a small production company, Muddy Yellow Sneakers.  Muddy Yellow Sneakers required that I take on more of a supervising role as it became my task to oversee the small team of editors that was putting together dozens of videos a month.  With our busy production schedule I eventually transferred from Art Center to an online program at Arizona State University so that I could both work and continue my studies.

After about a year and half's time at Muddy Yellow Sneakers I stepped down so that I could more fully focus on my education and open myself up to future opportunities.  As I once again became a full time student I continued to do freelance videography work and began to do work for clients that included Education Week, Ragnar Relay, the Los Angeles Musicians Collective, and Musical Theatre West.  During this time I was also fortunate enough to take part in two internships, the first for Indian Paintbrush Productions, (Santa Monica, CA), and the second for Scott Free Productions, (North Hollywood, CA).

Both internships were fantastic in terms of my personal and professional growth as I was given extensive opportunities to write script coverage and improve my ability to analyze and break down stories and screenplay, in addition to providing critique and feedback on upcoming writers, directors, and potential company projects.  The internships were invaluable and through contacts at these internships I was eventually able to get work as a production assistant at Fox Sports West, where I was able to learn more about the broadcasting side of the television industry, which was completely foreign to me having studied narratives in my film education.

In late 2015 I graduated from Arizona State University and I now continue to do freelance video work under the illumity media banner, as well as some occasional production assistant work for Fox Sports West.  I currently reside in the Greater Los Angeles area with my beautiful wife and daughter, and can be contacted for any written or video work through the Contact page, or via email at Cameron@illumitymedia.com.  Please also feel free to connect with me on Linkedin, Vimeo, Twitter, or via my Facebook page, to which you can find links below.