Updated 2/23/17

I have been working as a professional videographer since 2007 when my brother Jason ( gave me the opportunity to step behind the camera and shoot video for some weddings at which he was the photographer.  Jason and I shot numerous events together before I borrowed a camera from Jason to make the short film that got me accepted into film school, (Trickle, Trickle, which can be seen below).

Since that time I have been studying film and growing as a videographer, now having done work for clients including Ragnar Relay, Education Week, the Los Angeles Musicians Collective, and Musical Theatre West, to name a few.  With a growing workload I decided to open a sole proprietorship under which I could do all my video work, illumity media.

The work below is some of my favorite video work, both professional and personal.

Video Work

Some selections of my favorite professional work.

Personal Projects

Video work I've done for family, friends, or "just for fun".